Prophetic Word: “Turn it in!” #exchange

God’s Exchange Program

When you stay in God’s Will, He will allow some things to happen to you, only that you may see His goodness and glorify Him. He does things so that you know that it was nobody but Him that made a way when no way seemed possible.

Have you ever trusted The Lord when you did right by your finances and there were still bills left unpaid and you were struggling to find a way to pay them? Didn’t The Lord come in and apply grace?! It’s rhetorical because the answer is always “Yes, He did!”

It’s no cliché. For if it had not been for The Lord, who’s been on my side, I would’ve lost my mind in dealing with all the stuff that has come my way…BUT for God’s grace and mercy! [Pause: Thank You God!]

The Lord never fails us and it’s clearer the more we stay linked, connected, and bound to Him, Him only!

  • Only then are we able to call things into existence, as God’s Word declares!
  • Only then can we speak with assurance, in a loud voice, declaring victory in a bad situation.
  • Only then can we cry out to God for His help and watch Him work it out, in our favor and for our good.
  • Only then will the Heavens open and God rain down miracles over our life and we can declare in victory that our lives aren’t over because God says we shall live and not die!
  • And finally, only then will we know just how great God is, in all His majesty, the beauty of Holiness, the incomparable power He possesses and His dominion be glorified as long as we live because great is His faithfulness unto us!


(You should make this PERSONAL, what are you exchanging? – Not only should you think on these things, but you need to stand in the mirror and declare out loud and speak, in the authority God has given you)

2 Corinthians 1:20 CEB | Common English Bible –All of God’s promises have their yes in him. That is why we say Amen through him to the glory of God.

  • I’m exchanging my worries because God says that He gives “love, power, and a sound mind” as well as peace that is incomprehensible…AMEN (Philippians 4:6-7; 2 Timothy 1:7)
  • I’m exchanging my past because God says “all things are made new” and there is no more condemnation, no more shame because my sins are forgiven! …AMEN (2 Corinthians 5:17; Romans 8:1; Micah 7:19; Isaiah 43:25)
  • I’m exchanging heartache for a mended heart because God says that He is close to me and He will repair what’s broken and replace bad relationships for God-ordained ones…AMEN (Psalm 34:18)
  • I’m exchanging being frustrated over my enemies because God says that my enemies don’t matter… because God says He will fight for me and that my enemies would scatter from me and they will not hurt me…AMEN (Psalm 23:5; Proverbs 16:7)

Today’s Scriptures:

(Exchange of fear for faith) Acts 3:16 AMP | Amplified Bible

And on the basis of faith in His name, it is the name of Jesus which has strengthened this man whom you see and know; and the faith which comes through Him has given him this perfect health and complete wholeness in your presence.

(Prophecy) Psalm 102:13 GW | God’s Word Translation

You will rise and have compassion on Zion,
because it is time to grant a favor to it.
Indeed, the appointed time has come.

(Evidence of exchange of our sins for salvation) Psalm 103:12 NLT | New Living Translation

He has removed our sins as far from us
as the east is from the west.

(Prophecy) Deuteronomy 28:7 NIV | New International Version

The LORD will grant that the enemies who rise up against you will be defeated before you. They will come at you from one direction but flee from you in seven.


Author: Erica Nelson

I am a sinner saved by God's grace. I do not profess to be anything more. My purpose in life is to "Empowering People To Get From Where They Are To Where They're DESTINED." There is no other way but through Jesus Christ, the shedding of His blood for us. I am moved to encourage people to want to use God's Word as their instruction manual in life. As I grow in the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of His Divine plan for my life, I pray I can be a blessing to you. Peace and Blessings, Erica Nelson Leader, Passion4People Ministries Incorporated

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