Going with God; Don’t Wait to Trust God: Trust Him NOW! #FAITH #RELEASE

God’s People,

Won’t you trust Him? What’s keeping you from progression? What’s holding onto you, so much so, that you are stuck going backwards? Life is a SLIDING SCALE.

I remember, Bishop Larry Grinstead, would discuss, that in life, you’re either going towards God, or moving away from Him. You’re never standing in the same position.  What’s it going to take for you to step away from it all and just trust God?

Aren’t you tired of what you’re doing?  Are you ready to surrender, YET? What will it take for you to stand on the DIVINE PROMISES OF GOD? What will activate your faith, your trust, in GOD?


Scenario 1: You want to be promoted.  You’ve done the work.  Your Boss is overlooking you, but you haven’t applied for anywhere else.  You haven’t taken the time to job search.  You haven’t taken time to just hear God. You’ve been stuck for a while.  It’s become your domicile.  -OR- Maybe you’ve applied and gotten a few rejections.  Is NO, Final? NO. KEEP GOING. KEEP APPLYING. You’re attended church, day- in and day- out, but you haven’t actually applied to any new positions because of FEAR OF REJECTION??  What’s it going to take for you to step-out and apply, AGAIN?

Scenario 2: You’ve been in a bad relationship, for years.  You’ve beat yourself up, wondering what you’ve done to deserve maltreatment.  You’ve continuously given of you, but they continuously ignore your feelings, your needs.  There’s been the Voice of God, in your ear, but you think that it’s not God, telling you to move on.  You’ve continued to stay in a blood-sucking, heart-wrenching, soul-taking, relationship, because you’re so used-to that person being in your presence, good or badWhat’s it going to take for you to move on?

Scenario 3: You’ve continued to be there for someone who just isn’t willing to be there for you.  You constantly check on them, but they don’t give you the same courtesy.  You’ve know them for years.  You’ve loved them.  Unfortunately, they’re always too busy to check-in on you.  You know this isn’t right, but you continue to reach out to them, to pour out your, while they continue to neglect you, saying things like, “I was really busy.”  How long will you chase after someone who doesn’t take the time-of-day, to check on you? Will you let them go?

Note (PSA – PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT): There’s no way you can move FORWARD holding onto OLD BAGGAGE!  Sometimes, God is calling you, AWAY, and OUT!  Before He can BLESS you, He wants to see are you willing to TRUST HIM enough to let it go?

Today’s Scriptures:

Genesis 12:1-4 | New Living Translation

(1) The LORD had said to Abram, “Leave your native country, your relatives, and your father’s family, and go to the land that I will show you. I will make you into a great nation. (2)I will bless you and make you famous, and you will be a blessing to others. (3) I will bless those who bless you and curse those who treat you with contempt. All the families on earth will be blessed through you.” (4) So Abram departed as the LORD had instructed, and Lot went with him. Abram was seventy-five years old when he left Haran.

Author: Erica Nelson

I am a sinner saved by God's grace. I do not profess to be anything more. My purpose in life is to "Empowering People To Get From Where They Are To Where They're DESTINED." There is no other way but through Jesus Christ, the shedding of His blood for us. I am moved to encourage people to want to use God's Word as their instruction manual in life. As I grow in the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of His Divine plan for my life, I pray I can be a blessing to you. Peace and Blessings, Erica Nelson Leader, Passion4People Ministries Incorporated

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