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“Oh Lord this is me, asking you to change my identity” – Identify, James Fortune & FIYA


IN pursuit of something you know you have inside of you to do 

Is far greater than the you that fears that the glimpse God gave you of the you

Is so big so polished so powerful that the you that you are now has trouble

Realizing that God made you with purpose so even though you want to try to 

Figure out all the reasons why you are not good enough because of 

What someone or some people try to remind you of why you are just 

Delusional, dazed and confused or maybe they or even you feel like you, for 

some Outlandish reason you can’t be envisioning this more “great” you

Is all a distraction because if you could some how muster up enough

Faith and belief that the same God who gave you the view of this “greater” you

Is, in fact, the same God that KNEW  you had this NEW You inside of YOU is 

What gives you the ability to be in pursuit of His perfected you that went 

Through so much, so much so You get closer to that YOU the more you 

Fight against the odds, odds of trials, the odds of moving past all the let-downs

Of those closest to you to push through the tremendous obstacle courses you 

Have experienced to have that ounce of faith that made it past your many 

Fears to stand in assurance that the pursuit is worth it, if just for another

Second, Minute, hour, day or days to finally be at that Place God had destined 

For you before you was even created, before the breath of life you felt at that

Hour of conception….it was so worth it to believe a little while longer

When people tried to talk you out of the YOU God let you see and now

By God’s power, God’s stamp He thought of inside and now on the outside

All because you held onTO THE PURSUIT that PREDESTINED the PURPOSE in