Daily Walking Towards Christ – 4/4

The power of ONE
I was just thinking about how we know of particular people that when they come around all the air is sacked from the room. How when they talk everyone wishes they would leave. How one person can influence several people and massacres occur. Like those of Hitler and others who bring the nation harm. But,  on the flip,  there are those like MLK that had a positive influence and the power of his speeches captivated the minds of those who oppressed people and started a change for the better.

What type of influence do you have? You may not think so but people are looking to you. People do respond when you speak. You have a sphere of influence that you should use to create peace znd not chaos.

The life of Christ,  the power of ONE who He was,  why He came,  His compassion towards us all,  His impact on our lives as Christians and His grace applied to us everyday plus mercies… What are you doing? Are you a good influence? What are you promoting? Good or evil? Good as defined by Christ and not by man.

Think on this and have a wonderful Thursday.

He came to give us not jus life,  but life more abundantly. John 10:10

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