Daily Walking Towards Christ – 4/5

What ya wearing? U kno we get to feelin real cute
And fly when we put on new shoes,  clothes,  hair etc
You know how u feel ur swag turned all the way up when u put on ur new nikes, rock that new gucci bag,  them new prada sunglasses how much our self esteem goes up… How a hairstyle can make our whole week look bighter u know?

What are we wearing internally? Are we putting on the whole Armour of God? U kno that’s the only defense we have against the enemy… Having it on should boost our self esteem not letting anything change our positive attitude our feelin of being important to Christ that He would even give us a suit of Armour to protect us.

Thank you Lord that I wear your Armour with joy! No bad day nor bad situation can get to me because you oh God are my sunshine. Thanks j you for what you give us! The enemy cannot beat us if we wear your Armour.

Ephesians 6:11

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